UNISEX - Wish U Were Here Doll

UNISEX - Wish U Were Here Doll

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• Wish U Were Here Dolls are $39.90 each *Order 3 or more dolls and receive 10% OFF at the checkout*
• Wish U Were Here Dolls are 32cm tall (white on the front with pic)
• UNISEX material on the back (geometrics or dots, black & White)
• Images are dyed onto the fabric and are machine washable (cold, in a wash bag)
• I choose the material for the backing of your doll, I use only the best and latest quality designer fabrics ( you can specify a colour if you would prefer to but I will choose the print).

NOTE: Wish U Were Here Dolls items are handmade with love and we want to make sure that they always reach you safely. For this reason I offer trackable prepaid satchel post only.
***I'll be on leave from the 1st of June to the 17th of July. Orders placed during this time will not be made until after the 17th of July. Thank you!
Once you have ordered it generally takes 10-14 days from when I receive your photo to complete your order. I understand because your loved one is away a lot there might be difficulties in getting a photo to me so you can email the photo when you are ready (within 6 months please otherwise your order will be void) to wuwhd@bigpond.com
Refunds will only be given up to 6 weeks after the date of your order. A $5 admin fee will be deducted from your refund.
Please include your (NAME U ORDERED IN)


• The photo must be hi res, Smart Camera Photos are fine. Please check image quality before emailing to ensure we receive the best quality possible. :)

• THE IDEAL PHOTO -Please have the subject stand with feet together and arms directly by sides, folded in front or clasped behind or in front. Natural lighting is best. I can work with photos that are not full length. Please feel free to email me photos you do have at wuwhd@bigpond.com and I can advise you as to which would work best.

•Try to avoid cut off head or feet. :)

*** If your photo is of a loved one no longer with us, I understand you may not have a photo meeting the above criteria. Please contact me and I am happy to work with a photo you do have.