Caring for your Wish U Were Here Doll

Washing - spot clean marks off your doll with a wet cloth. When your doll requires washing please do so in a wash bag or pillowcase on a cold, gentle/hand wash to prevent damage to the image. Do not use Fabric Softener and ensure you are using a mild detergent. Washing will accelerate the wear and tear on the photo so please only wash when necessary.

Residual fluff - there may be some residual fluff remaining on your doll due to the 'stuffing' process. Some fluff may work it's way out of the doll over time, please do not pull it out. Where the doll is handstitched at the bottom some fluff may remain as it may be stitched in. Again please do not pull it out(snip it off carefully with scissors if need be).

Wear and Tear - as with all children's toys/clothes etc wear and tear will occur over time on your much loved Wish U Were Here Doll.