"Just want to say thank you so much for our doll! I can't wait to gift it to our son for Christmas, I am sure as he grows up it will bring him comfort for the times dad is away for long periods of time. I appreciate your patience and prompt communication throughout the ordering process and the quick turnaround.  I couldn't be happier. Thanks again." C.B

"You have made a very difficult deployment for my daughter significantly easier with her new favourite thing in the entire world. I haven’t seen her smile this way since the last time she saw her Daddy in person. The thing that you are doing for our families is priceless, I’ll never be able to thank you enough. "


"Thank you so much for my daughter's Wish U Were Here Dolls! Their Dad works away 2 weeks at a time and they find great comfort in cuddling him at night time and towards the end of his shift, all around the house :)" 

T.M Qld

"I honestly want to thank you so very much for my sons poppy pillow (that’s what he calls it ) 🙂
I’m so grateful that you have this business as it made the healing process easier for my son. He misses his pop so much and being able to cuddle his pillow makes it that bit easier for him. His little face when he opened the package and saw what it was made me cry. So Thankyou."
A.D Qld

Hi, Just wanted to say a huge thank you for the beautiful pillows!! The kids absolutely love them!! Daddy has been to show & tell at school & kindy.

The quality is outstanding & I know they will be much treasured.

 With thanks, S.W

'Thanks so much for the girls dolls. They are amazing and my girls LOVE them so much. The quality is amazing and I LOVE the material on the back it’s so beautiful. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.' M.L - WA


Hi Megan,

We received our two Daddy Dolls yesterday, they are beautiful and arrived in perfect time just before Daddy’s next trip away in the truck. Daddy gave the girls their dolls just before he left in the afternoon, they love them so much. Our miss 3, Olivia kept talking to her Daddy Doll and cuddling it. Isabella our 6 year old has not let her Daddy Doll go, it is always by her side, she was at peace all afternoon and into the night. Went to sleep with ease with her Daddy Doll on Daddy’s side of the bed. Thank you so much for these beautiful dolls, they have brought a real security into my little girls, especially Isabella. The backing fabric is divine too, Isabella loves the mermaid scales and Olivia loves her pretty flowers.

 Kind regards


Thank you so much. Loving that I’m able to comfort my daughter when I can’t be with her. Make my heart hurt just that little bit less knowing she has me to comfort her when I physically can’t.  ❤️❤️❤️ C.F

Hi Megan,
Your dolls are the best. My husband left today and your doll was what my daughter needed after we dropped him at the airport. He gave her the doll last night and she was super excited.
Thank you again and I will continue to promote your business it’s just the best and so very much needed. X P.R 


We received Myas doll today... she LOVED IT!! You did a beautiful job,THANK YOU so much. I will be highly recommending you, I’m so grateful.


Thank you so much,  Abby loves her wish you were here teddy of her beautiful nanny that suddenly passed away a few weeks ago ❤❤   nanny is going to be going everywhere with her she told me ❤  


Hi! It's Reef's 1st birthday today so we finally gave him his Daddy Doll!! He loves it, biggest smiles & lots of kisses when he opened it! Will come in very handy when Daddy goes back to work. Thank you so much!!


We received our daddy dolls today and the kids couldn’t be more happier! Thank you so much for being understanding and making our lives just that much easier 😍🙌


Thank you 💙💙 finally our little mans birthday. His little face says it all 😍😍 Safe to say he loves it.