Frequently Asked Questions:

How do I care for my Wish U Were Here Doll?

Please see the 'Caring for your Wish U Were Here Doll' page

How do I send my photo to you?

Please email your high resolution photo to wuwhd@bigpond.com

If asked please send as a 'original' or 'large' attachment so that it is a bigger file and therefore a better image :)

What type of photo do I need?

Your photo should be full length with arms by the side and no cut off feet for the best results on the doll shape. I understand sometimes that is not possible and I can do waist up etc dependent on the photo. Rectangle cushions can have any photo you wish on them as they are approx. 5 x 7in photos placed on the cushion (landscape or portrait).

All photos need to be high resolution to ensure the best quality when they are enlarged.

Please take into consideration lighting when you take the photo. Is there a shadow on one side of their face? Is it too dark? 

The only editing I do is removing the background and enlarging the image. Please be aware of this and ensure you are happy with the quality of your photo.

How long will it take for my doll to be made?

Current turn-around time is 2 weeks although at busy times this may increase to 3 weeks.

My payment won't process?

If you are paying via Afterpay please ensure you have entered an email address instead of a mobile number in the information section. Afterpay won't process a sale without an email address.

What are the terms and condition?

You have 6 weeks in which you can cancel your order. A $5 admin fee will be deducted from your refund. You have 6 months to send a photo through. After this time your order will be void and no refund given. These orders then go towards a 'donation doll' fund.

How is my doll made?

Dolls are printed using a dye sublimation technique where the fabric to dyed. Your doll will have interfacing included to prevent the stuffing sneaking out through the fabric over time.