The best photo for your Wish U Were Here Doll

How can I take the best photo?

Photos can be taken on a smart phone or camera. They must be high resolution to be the best quality on the doll. Consider the lighting when taking your photo... Photos are best taken outside in natural light. Be aware of any shadows cast over the face. Full body photos work best on the doll shape, however I understand that isn't always possible. I can work with 'waist up' photos however they may be positioned differently on the doll shape. Otherwise I have the rectangle cushion shape that any photo can be paced on.

The background of the photo does not matter as the background is removed from photos (for doll shape).

Wearing white in the photo is not always the best colour to choose as the photo is placed on white fabric and sometimes 'blends' in to the white fabric too much.

If you are unsure about a photo you have or are taking please feel free to contact me and I can check it for you. :) 

Emailing your photo.

Once you have taken your photo email it to with your order number and name in the subject line. I usually respond with 1-2 days so if you haven't heard back from me by then it means I haven't received it, please contact me again if this happens. Attach your photo to the email as a separate attachment. Dolls are generally shipped 2-3 weeks after emailing your suitable photo.

If I email you asking for another photo please know it is only to ensure the best quality possible for your Wish U Were Here Doll. x