A little about me...

Hi everyone :)

I am starting a blog!!!! No idea what I'm doing yet so please be patient :)

My name is Megan and I purchased the Wish U were Here Dolls business from Lauren (the founder) at the beginning of this year. I have 2 little children and a Hubby who works away from home DIDO. My girls love their Wish U Were Here Dolls of Daddy and they also have a 'Mummy Doll' too for when they go to sleepovers at Nanny and Poppy's house. It helps my youngest the most. Every night she has to have here doll with her. My eldest (5) starts clinging to her 'Daddy Doll' when he has been gone for a few nights. That's when I find her cuddled up asleep with him. 

I am a teacher as well, I work part time teaching little people in Prep, which is very rewarding. 

I feel as though I get to know so many of your families well, through our messages, emails, printing, pressing and sewing your doll. I often think about whether your children love them and how much they help them settle at night, or during the day. I love receiving photos and messages of how their Wish U Were Here Doll has helped them. 

Of course these dolls are not just for FIFO workers! Sadly I do many dolls to assist children and adults in coping with grief and loss of a loved one. I also make dolls for families where Mum or Dad work in the Defence Force or families where Nan and Pop, Aunties, Uncles or Cousins have moved away. Many also for children at Daycare or Kindy and are having some anxiety around separation from Mum or Dad. Any reason is a great reason for a Wish U Were Here Doll!

Please don't hesitate to contact me regarding photos or the reason why you are looking at purchasing a doll as I am happy to work with you to make the little (and big) people on your life feel a little more happy and secure! :)

Thanks for your support and referrals to friends and family and keep an eye out for the next Blog.... How to take the best photo for your Wish U Were Here Doll.

Megan x